This website is part of the PhD project of Jente Ottenburghs (Wageningen University, the Netherlands). The goal is the gather the bulk of scientific literature in one central place in order to provide an extensive overview and stimulate further research. Suggestions and corrections can be send to jente.ottenburghs [at] wur.nl

I am also available to give talks on avian hybridization in general or about particular bird groups. Only travel costs will be taken into account.

You can also follow the updates on the Facebook-page and Twitter.


Short Bio

After getting his Bachelor Degree in Biologie (UHasselt) and Master Degree in Evolutionary Biology (Unversity of Antwerp), he is currently working as a PhD student at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. His PhD project focuses on the genomic consequences of hybridization between different goose species (more information here).  In addition, he writes a blog on evolutionary biology and regularly contributes to the Dutch popular science website Scientias.

More information can also be found here: https://jenteottenburghs.wordpress.com/


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