The Oriolidae are an Old World family of passerine birds. This family includes the genera Sphecotheres and Oriolus. The genus Pitohui has been moved to the family Pachycephalidae.

List of Hybrids per Genus


Scientific Literature


Genetic analyses of specimens with aberrant plumage revealed hybridization between Olive-backed Oriole (O. sagittatus) and Green Oriole (O. flavocinctus) in New Guinea (Joseph et al., 2019).


An Olive-backed Oriole © Patrick_K59 | Wikimedia Commons



A genetic study found evidence for introgression between Hooded Pitohui (P. dichrous) and Southern Variable Pitohui (P. uropygialis). This genetic exchange might explain the similar plumage patterns and toxicity (these birds are poisonous due to batrachotoxins in their feathers and skins) of these species (Garg et al., 2019)


The Hooded Pitohui © Berichard | Wikimedia Commons



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Joseph, L., Dolman, G., Iova, B., Jønsson, K., Campbell, C. D., Mason, I., & Drew, A. (2019). Aberrantly plumaged orioles from the Trans-Fly savannas of New Guinea and their ecological and evolutionary significance. Emu-Austral Ornithology, 1-10.