The Australasian Robins are all endemic to New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and numerous Pacific Islands. Only one genus displays hybridization, Petroica. A phylogenetic study of this genus found that the Black Robin (P. traversi) is not a derivative of the New Zealand Robin (P. australis), instead it groups strongly with the Tomtit (P. macrocephala). This finding could indicate hybridization or incomplete lineage sorting (Miller & Lambert, 2006). Indeed, hybridization between these species has been documented using minisatellites (Ma & Lambert, 1997). However, hybrids have been removed from the population and a recent genetic study found no evidence for introgression (Cubrinovska, Massaro & Hale, 2016).

Two isolated and inbred populations of the New Zealand Robin were rescued genetically by introducing outbred individuals. This ‘genetic rescue’ technique shows that hybridization can be used as a conservation tool (Heber et al., 2013).

New Zealand Robin (Petroica australis)

New Zealand Robin (Petroica australis)



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