This family of small passerines contains about 100 warbler found mainly in the southern regions of the Old World. Most species live in Africa (where they probably arose), but there are representatives across Australasia, and one species, the Streaked Fantail Cisticola (Cisticola juncidis), breeds in Europe.

Hybrids have been documented in several genera, namely Cisticola, Prinia, Apalis, Camaroptera, Calamonastes, and Eremomela. However, further research on hybridization in this bird family is lacking. Only local reports of certain hybrids are known, for instance in Prinias (Brooke, 1993).


Spotted Prinia

Spotted Prinia (Prinia maculosa)



Brooke, R. K. (1993). A Case of Apparent Hybridization between Spotted and Blackchested Prinias Prinia-Maculosa and Flavicans. Ostrich 64, 137-137.


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