The Ovenbirds are a large family of small suboscine passerine birds found in Mexico, Central and South America. Hybridization has been documented in several genera.

At Amazonian headwaters, hybrids between subspecies of the following species have been confirmed genetically (Weir et al., 2015): Plain-brown Woodcreeper (Dendrocincla fuliginosa), Elegant Woodcreeper (Xiphorhynchus elegans) and Wedgebill Woodcreeper (Glyphorhynchus spirurus). Reproductive isolation between Elegant Woodcreeper subspecies is mainly driven by postzygotic isolation (Pulido-Santacruz et al. 2018).

plain-brown woodcreeper

Plain-brown Woodcreeper (Dendrocincla fuliginosa)



Pulido-Santacruz, P., Aleixo, A. & Weir, J.T. (2018) Morphologically cryptic Amazonian bird species pairs exhibit strong postzygotic reproductive isolation. Proceedings of the Royal Society B285:20172081.

Weir, J. T., Faccio, M. S., Pulido-Santacruz, P., Barrera-Guzman, A. O. & Aleixo, A. (2015). Hybridization in headwater regions, and the role of rivers as drivers of speciation in Amazonian birds. Evolution 69, 1823-1834.


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