Cettiidae is a newly validated family of small insectivorous songbirds (“warblers”), formerly placed in the Old World warbler “wastebin” assemblage. It contains the typical bush warblers (Cettia) and their relatives.


A genomic study that tested several predictions of the theory of island biogeography reported gene flow between several islands populations of the Fiji bush-warbler (Horornis ruficapilla), which have been classified as different subspecies (Gyllenhaal et al., 2020).

Fiji bush-warbler (Horornis ruficapilla) © Lars Petersson


Gyllenhaal, E. F., Mapel, X. M., Naikatini, A., Moyle, R. G., & Andersen, M. J. (2020). A test of island biogeographic theory applied to estimates of gene flow in a Fijian bird is largely consistent with neutral expectations. Molecular Ecology29(21), 4059-4073.