Bowersbirds occur in Australia and New Guinea. They are known for their unique courtship behaviour, where males build a structure and decorate it. Hybridization has been documented in four genera (Amblyornis, Sericulus, Ptilonorhynchus and Chlamydera). But only the genus Sericulus has been subjected to more detailed genetic analyses (Zwiers, Borgia & Fleischer, 2008).

Regent Bowerbird (Sericulus chrysocephalus)

Regent Bowerbird (Sericulus chrysocephalus)


Zwiers, P. B., Borgia, G. & Fleischer, R. C. (2008). Plumage based classification of the bowerbird genus Sericulus evaluated using a multi-gene, multi-genome analysis. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 46, 923-931.

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