Apteryx rowi

Common name: Okarito Kiwi
Family: Apterygidae

Okarito Kiwi (Apteryx rowi) © mark2-nz | Wikimedia Commons

Apteryx owenii – Little Spotted Kiwi
A genetic study found evidence of recurrent hybridisation between Rowi and Little Spotted Kiwi over the last 150 years, including one F1 hybrid found in the last 15 years (Shepherd et al. 2021). Moreover, the syntype of the Great Spotted Kiwi (A. haastii) turned out to be a hybrid between these two species.

Shepherd, L. D., Tennyson, A. J., Robertson, H. A., Colbourne, R. M., & Ramstad, K. M. (2021). Hybridisation in kiwi (Apteryx; Apterygidae) requires taxonomic revision for the Great Spotted Kiwi. Avian Research, 12(1), 1-13.