Recent Updates: Flycatchers, Birds-of-Paradise, Eagles and Malagasy Passerines

The following papers have been added to the bird order summaries for the respective orders/families. Enjoy the reading!

Muscicapidae Ficedula

Laaksonen, T., Sirkia, P. M., Calhim, S., Brommer, J. E., Leskinen, P. K., Primmer, C. R., Adamik, P., Artemyev, A. V., Belskii, E., Both, C., Bures, S., Burgess, M. D., Doligez, B., Forsman, J. T., Grinkov, V., Hoffmann, U., Ivankina, E., Kral, M., Krams, I., Lampe, H. M., Moreno, J., Magi, M., Nord, A., Potti, J., Ravussin, P. A. & Sokolov, L. (2015). Sympatric divergence and clinal variation in multiple coloration traits of Ficedula flycatchers. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28, 779-790. DOI: 10.1111/jeb.12604

Collared Flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis) in Poland. © Frank Vassen

Bernieridae Xanthomixis

Block, N. L., Goodman, S. M., Hackett, S. J., Bates, J. M. & Raherilalao, M. J. (2015). Potential merger of ancient lineages in a passerine bird discovered based on evidence from host-specific ectoparasites. Ecology and Evolution 5, 3743-3755.

Short-billed Tetraka (Xanthomixis zosterops) on the nest


Martin, P. R. (2015). The paradox of the Birds-of-Paradise: persistent hybridization as a signature of historical reinforcement. Ideas in Ecology and Evolution 8.


Lesser Bird-of-Paradise (Paradisaea minor) © Reza Patrama

Accipitriformes – Aquila

Maciorowski, G., Mirski, P. & Vali, U. (2015). Hybridisation dynamics between the Greater Spotted Eagles Aquila clanga and Lesser Spotted Eagles Aquila pomarina in the Biebrza River Valley (NE Poland). Acta Ornithologica 50, 33-41.

Greater spotted eagle in flight.jpg

Greater Spotted Eagle (Aquila clanga) © Вых Пыхманн

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